About Coworking

As 40% of us are expected to be independent contractors by 2020, and that means our workplaces our changing. More of us work from home sometimes, or work while we are traveling.

Working from home, a busy coffee shop, or a well loved library works for some. Others need more: dedicated meeting space, quiet spaces, a kitchen (to make a snack or lunch), or other amenities of traditional workspaces. Even a home office can have its…. distractions:

Coworking spaces came on the scene about ten years ago, starting in larger cities. Coworking is sharing an office space with other people who don’t necessarily work for the same company.  Some coworkers use space sporatically, for meetings or for when their home office is unavailable. Others work out of a coworking space exclusively. A coworking space is there for workers when they need it. 

Besides offering office amenities like high speed internet at lower prices by sharing costs among space users, coworking has been seen to have more benefits than real estate. Coworking allowing coworkers to be healthier and have a more connected network than they would working at home. Businesses that use coworking spaces have been shown to be more productive and profitable without maintaining under-utilized office space.

Anchorspace is part of the Coworking Visa program, which allows members of other coworking spaces to come into Anchorspace for a free day while they are visiting Bar Harbor..