Evictions 101

Alison and Derek discusses how eviction works in Maine (unexpectedly, there is a meth lab reference in here).

In Maine, eviction is titled “Foreceful Entry & Detainer” FED
Maine.gov info
Most problems occur when there has been a sublet situation.

The most Important thing is to take action immediately a problems is identified.

The default process is “at will” (when no lease is involved)

  • A 7 Day Notice to Quit can be issued for back pay giving the tenant 7 days to pay back rent. If they pay they stay.
  • A 30 Day Notice to Quit can be issued 30 days from the end of a normal lease period

Eviction is a slow process logistically and scheduling court dates
If the back rent is not paid, the eviction process is started which is a court case.
LLC’s must legally have an attorney, but it is advisable for anyone.
If the Landlord wins there are 7 days before the Sheriff can come and remove the tenant.
The tenant can appeal.

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