Programs And Events

Monthly professional Development Workshop For July: Summer BUSINESS Book Swap

We know you want to keep learning, but we also know it’s the height of the “Season”

With than in mind,  join us for a business book swap and networking social on July 20th, 4pm

Bring a book that inspired  your personal development or helped you business performance and joins us over snacks and a glass of wine to share its significance, then swap it for one that has inspired a cohort.

$5 (and a book!) to cover refreshments

For more information or to  register!                                                                           

GIFT MDI – Free Marketing Webinar – may 31st, 2018

Need some marketing tips and tricks to get you through the deluge of people that are about to come to Mount Desert Island? We got tips on tips on tips. For more information or register!

Here are some other programs we have at Anchorspace:


If you are a mentor or need a mentor, we have space for you. Anchorspace not only has more formal meeting space but also informal spaces to connect. Click here to learn more.

Insert Your Idea Here

Our 1800 square foot location is well appointed, close to downtown, clean, and has the right balance of historic and modern touches. We’re also close to parking options.

What’s here?

  • A kitchen
  • 8 stand-sit desks/tables
  • 16 office chairs (additional folding chairs available)
  • 2 long tables (conference table and printer table)
  • White table cloths (tada! not an office anymore!)
  • Dishes, napkins, silverware
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Lots of off white wall space
  • Sound dampening panels
  • Cowboy lighting kit
  • LCD projector and screen
  • Snowball microphone and computer with Audacity installed
  • Two laptops, two desktop computers, and several monitors

Want to host your own event? Contact us! We are an affordable option and will work with you to make your event as successful as we can.

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