Attention WOmen ENTREPRENEURS (or potential ENTREPRENEURS). The YWCA MDI Is Partnering With Anchorspace To offer membership scholarships to eligible women. Click here to learn More Or Apply.


Anchorspace is a coworking space in downtown Bar Harbor.

Not sure what that means? Think of Anchorspace as a really flexible office where you could rent a desk on a monthly or daily basis or where you can have a meeting or small gathering in a conference room (10 people or less).

Anchorspace is your Bar Harbor office… and then some. Right on Main Street but still with plenty of access to parking, local amenities, adjustable stand-sit desks, and high speed internet, we have 1800 square feet of awesome to support your project, business, or organization. 

We can be open as early as 6 aM and on weekends IF YOU MAKE A RESERVATION. WE’ll Even Make you coffee/tea.

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