93 Cottage St Suite 310, Bar Harbor, ME
Established 2015

71 Market Street, Potsdam, NY
Established 2019

Anchorspace is a group of coworking spaces in Maine and New York.

Not sure what that means? Think of Anchorspace as a really flexible office where you could rent a workspace or where you can have a meeting or small gathering in a conference room without a lease. 

Anchorspace is your Bar Harbor or Potsdam office… and then some.  Located near downtown but still with plenty of access to parking and high speed internet, we have the space, amenities, and community to support your project, business, or organization. It’s the perfect opportunity to rent office space in the Mount Desert Island and Northern NY areas! 

  • Work Healthier – Clutter free, distraction free, clean environment with healthy options built in like stand-sit desks.
  • Work Smarter – With tech that just works and best internet money can buy, just bring your computer and you can work smarter, not harder.
  • Work Together – Want someone else to look over that proposal? Need to step out for a quick lunch and sanity check? The community is the best part of coworking.

Share the cost and benefits of coworking with our new family membership!


Roommates? Spouses? Extended family sharing space? Anchorspace ‘family’ memberships work for any adults that share the same address. How cool is it to have shared office space?


Looking for an event or program information?

Between monthly professional development workshops, events by members, and special occasional events, we have lots going on! Check it out!

Not a computer-based business? Whether you fix phones, do sewing, or some other kind of drop-off service, we can help you take appointments and create visibility. Let’s talk about how we can help you grow your business!