About Coworking

1 out of 10 US workers were independent contractors in 2018… and with work moving online during the pandemic, our workplaces are changing, and quickly.

More of us work from home sometimes, or work while we are traveling. Some work remotely (for a larger company from their home), others are self employed, others have a part time ‘side hustle’.

Working from home, a busy coffee shop, or a well loved library works for some. And it might even work for people most of the time.

Others need more, even occasionally: dedicated meeting space, quiet spaces for video conferencing, or the other amenities of traditional workspaces.

Even a home office can have its…. distractions (Click either image to see the full source.)

About Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces came on the scene over a decade ago, starting in larger cities. Coworking is sharing an office space with other people who don’t necessarily work for the same company. Some coworkers use space sporadically, for meetings or for when their home office is unavailable. Others work out of a coworking space exclusively. Some only use coworking spaces when they are traveling or have house guests. A coworking space is there for workers, and communities, when they need it.

Besides offering office amenities like high speed internet at lower prices by sharing costs among space users, coworking has been seen to have more benefits than real estate. Coworking allowing coworkers to be healthier and have a more connected network than they would working at home. Businesses that use coworking spaces have been shown to be more productive and profitable without maintaining under-utilized office space.

Anchorspace seeks to serve the communities we are in with necessary amenities, competitive pricing, and a healthy, community-centered work environment that’s good for just about anyone looking to get something done. We have two coworking spaces. One located in the Mount Desert Island, Bar Harbor, Maine and the other in St. Lawrence County, Potsdam, NY. Both can accommodate you without a lease. 

Here’s a few examples of how working from home doesn’t necessarily work. (Please if you have a TV appearance, come in and see us!)