Anchorspace Gift Wrapping Fundraiser

Want to support Anchorspace? 

Is the idea of wrapping all those presents something that gives you paper cut nightmares thinking about?

We’ve got wrapping paper and good cheer ready for you, so throw some money at the problem and take back your kitchen table. 

  • Prices: $4/gift up to 5 gifts $3.50 per gift 6 - 10 gifts $3 per gift 11 - 20 gifts $2.50 per gift 20+ gifts
  • $0.00
  • Note we're open 9-5 so if you have to get your presents here outside hours that we are open, just say so in the special notes section.
  • This is where you tell us things like 'All gifts labeled Nana shouldn't have any bows because she is deathly allergic' or wrap all 'from Santa' gifts with the same wrapping. This isn't our full time gig so we'll do what we can to accommodate your requests.
  • American Express