Full Members

Nicole Ouellette
Breaking Even Communications
Member Location: Bar Harbor and Potsdam
Nicole owns website development and internet marketing firm Breaking Even Communications and founded all the Anchorspaces as well as Gift MDI. Besides working, she enjoys short dogs, audiobooks, and writing things on the internet.


Jane Holland
Breaking Even Communications
Member Location: Bar Harbor 
Jane not only supports Anchorspace and Breaking Even with admin and event support, she also is heavily involved with the Bar Harbor Merchant’s Association, the I Love Bar Harbor Maine Facebook group, and lots of other local causes.

Kady Clothier
TLC Real Estate
Member Location: Potsdam
Kady Clothier is a licensed real estate saleswoman with TLC Real Estate in Ogedensburg, New York. She currently lives in Potsdam, New York. She’s passionate about making buying or selling your home as easy and hassle free as possible. 

Richard and Ann Romano
Granite Automation
Member Location: Potsdam
Recently founded, Granite Automation is focusing on dramatically advancing the capabilities of automated vehicles and their integration into our cities using simulation and predictive algorithms. With over 25 years of experience in the design and development of automated vehicles and extensive international involvement, we have traveled all over the world and are looking forward to this newest chapter.

Patti Mason
Phoenix Moon Energy and Breaking Even Communications
Member Location: Potsdam
Patti is a Tarot reader and Reiki practitioner who uses these tools to help clients find and follow their path and purpose in life. These one-on-one sessions help clients to gain clarity and to move forward in a way that is in their best interest, and guided by their own inner compass. Patti also runs retreats to work with small groups of people to support personal growth and realignment with Self. 

Jane Plastino
Member Location: Potsdam

Jessica Heck
Content Creator
Breaking Even Communications
Member Location: Potsdam
Jessica has a passion for creating beautiful and inspiring content. When not working with the Breaking Even and Anchorspace, she and her son Henry can be found roaming the mountains of the Adirondacks. They are both training up to be future 46er’s. Jessica’s passion for capturing content flows through her personal and professional life. She aims to have her hiking/travel blog up late 2022. Stay tuned! You can follow her for now on Instagram for beautiful pictures of Northern NY. 

Floating Members

Andrew Haas
Member Location: Potsdam

Walt Valkema
Member Location: Potsdam

Community, Super Community, and Virtual Members

Bryan Zavestoski
Zavzen Design
Member Location: Bar Harbor 
As an independent UI/UX design consultant, Bryan helps B2B software companies connect with their users and leads. He shares his design knowledge at Learn InVision Studio. Outside of design and outside of the house/office, he is probably climbing something tall, lifting something (somewhat) heavy, or running somewhere (not very) quickly.

Becky Carroll
Carroll Caretaking & Cleaning
Member Location: Bar Harbor 
Becky is owner of Carroll Caretaking and Cleaning, and has been lovingly maintaining local and vacation homes for busy homeowners for years. She is growing her business to include concierge services – so if you want a vacation rental and the fridge stocked on your arrival drop her a line: carollcaretaking@gmail.com

Antoinette Caruso
Antoinette Caruso
Member Location: Bar Harbor
Antoinette is a nutritional therapy practitioner, a certified gluten practitioner, and an intuitive reiki master/teacher. She sees clients both in her Ellsworth office and online. In addition to working one on one with clients, she also trains groups and speaks at events.

Loretta Collins
Write Science
Member Location: Potsdam
Write Science offers writing consultation and coaching, book ghostwriting and editing, and scientific manuscript editing. Loretta has over 20 years experience in writing, editing, and manuscript submission in diverse biomedical and clinical specialties. 

Liz Cutler
Member Location: Bar Harbor 
Artwaves is your Mount Desert Island community arts center offering classes for adults and children in visual arts, dance, wellness, and more. Join as a member and get access to member only events and more. Support the arts and create art yourself!

Ali Coates
Accidental Ranch
Member Location: Potsdam
One of Ali’s hats is her alpaca farm where she also raises sheep and chickens. You can buy alpaca fiber, blankets, and socks on her website!

Con Sweeney
Member Location: Virtual
Someddi is a digital marketing agency which works with multiple verticals but has a soft spot for writers. Con in particular specializes in using LinkedIn as a platform and hosts a monthly ‘Mystery Hour’ which is a streamed mystery author interview with a different guest every month.

Betsy Arntzen
Therapeutic Massage For Wellness
Member Location: Bar Harbor 
Betsy specializes in all kinds of medical massage modalities and works with her clients on medical issues often as part of a care team (chiropractor, etc.) Her goal is to decrease pain and increase movement and she loves to be a pain detective!

Kelly McClymer
Kelly McClymber Books
Member Location: Bar Harbor
Kelly is a seasoned author with over a decade in the publishing industry. Besides writing her own books, she also coaches writers and offers courses helping other experts get published in earned media.