Let’s help you get to work.

We have options for more temporary visitors or people who will stay for awhile.

Short Term Options

Visiting the area? Have a seasonal home with crappy WiFi? We have some options for you.


Day Pass (Potsdam Only)

Need to use one of our spaces during normal business hours? Reserve 24 (or more) hours ahead and it’s just $20 for the day.


Weekly Pass (Potsdam Only)

Like bulk buying the Costco peanut butter, our weekly pass means value in bulk. Get five days of regular hours access for $50.


Meeting Room/Private Office

Want your own private room for an hour, several hours, or a day? It costs a bit more but you can totally have that!

Long Term Options

Are you ready to deeply commit to us… or at least want to come in during non-business hours or more weeks or months at a time? We’ll be there for you.


Floating Membership

Want to breeze in and out with your laptop 24/7 like the boss you are? Yes you can even use the conference room as part of this.


Full Monthly Membership

Want to claim a desk that’s yours and maybe have us check your mail? Our full monthly membership is for you.


Virtual Membership

Live far from us or content to work from home? This includes a Slack channel, accountability calls, and workshop access.

Anchorsapce is where my team and I go to get things done when we’re on Mount Desert Island and away from our Ellsworth central office.

Dave, Compusult Inc.

Anchorspace Member