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Want to use Anchorspace? Here are some of the possibilities:

Book the conference room by the hour (or day)

2015-04-17 15.39.18Need a check in meeting with all your wedding vendors but preferably not in your mom’s kitchen? Want to host a webinar but need a corded internet connection in a private space? Are you a vendor who needs a showroom? If you need to have a professional meeting of any kind, from a job interview to a company retreat, we have you covered. Our conference table seats 2-8 comfortably and has coffee/tea service, large screen TV (it’s on a cart) with all the computer hookups, and high speed internet.  It is also equipped with a marker board and several bulletin boards to create a lot of useable display space in the room. There is even a separate entrance so you can welcome your guests efficiently.

Rates are $30/hour or $150/day.

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Book a work station for the day

daveanddavidatanchorspaceWorking in Bar Harbor for a day? Get out of your car (or the coffee shop) and come to a quiet place where you can bring your own food (we provide coffee and tea), set up a workstation for the day, and get what you need to get done, done.

Rates are $30/day. You get a dedicated desk and access to all the public spaces we have. High speed corded internet or WiFi available throughout space. We’re open Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm but if you reserve ahead, we can also be open when you need us.

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Become A Monthly Member

monthlymemberWe also offer monthly spaces at Anchorspace. This means you get a dedicated desk where you can set up shop. You also get to use the conference room free whenever you want for meetings and get 24 hour access to the building.

If you work odd but regular hours and are itching to get out of your home office, Anchorspace’s affordable monthly rate ($350 includes everything) and month to month agreement means you can have an office longer term for as long as you need it.

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Become A Floating Member

floatingmemberIf you want to pay a regular fee and be able to come to an available workspace whenever we are open, our floating membership is for you. $100/month means you can come and go as you please during open hours (but you won’t get a dedicated workstation).  It’s kind of like a gym membership, but for your business/brain.

Become a floating member

At Anchorspace, we seek to offer flexible, affordable, and professional space for working, meetings, and events. Stop in during business hours or contact us with your questions and ideas.