Please note I did not use the word ‘versus’ in this title. This post is not at all combative. I love and appreciate our local coffee shops.

I did make this graphic to illustrate the discussion. I was going to put it on Facebook but then I realized how mad my coffee shop owning friends would be without context. Please read this whole blog for context.

CoffeeshotversusanchorspaceLet’s note a few things:

1) Comparing Anchorspace to a coffee shop is not a fair comparison… for either.

For example, compared to a coffee shop, our coffee is pretty meh.

But comparing the noise level of our 1800 square foot spot with 10 people spread out in it versus a busy coffee shop noise level is equally unfair.

So if you like bustle, amazing coffee and food, and WiFi, coffee shop is your jam.
If you want quiet, to eat your gluten free vegan stirfry in peace, and WiFi, Anchorspace is your jam.

Neither is better or worse, just different.

2) I did make this to show that Anchorspace isn’t ‘the expensive alternative’.

I am old school enough that if I host a meeting, I am paying for coffee/refreshment for whoever I am meeting with. It is the least I could do. Could you manage expectations by asking clients if they want coffee or tea and leave it at that? Sure. But it’s just awkward, right? I mean ‘mocha latte’ is written right on that menu board and the person at the table next to you has one that smells fantastic…

I am also of the manners that if you are sucking on someone’s WiFi and taking up a table for several hours for ‘free’, the least you can do is purchase something occasionally.

If you follow my rules of politeness (and also get periodically hungry) your coffee shop work day is far from free. If you camp out all day, Anchorspace day rate is comparable to spending 8 hours in a coffee shop.

3) A short stay versus making a day of it should be part of your decision.

If you are going to spend a whole day somewhere, of course you’ll want to set up camp. It would even be nice to leave your stuff set up, right? And if you are going to have a Bar Harbor workday, having a home base makes sense. You can even do stuff like go on a lunch hike without having to give up a table space.

But if you’re going to have a two hour meeting then driving to Augusta, that is probably much less important to you. Coffee shops serve a lot of people, they don’t necessarily want you camped out there all day.

4) Overheard in Bar Harbor…

I will say I sat in a local coffee shop for 30 minutes about two months ago… and learned three peoples’ hourly rates and what one local non-profit is considering adding to their budget once they take this information to the next board meeting.

Nope, these weren’t my clients. I was just waiting around playing with my phone. I was amazed what I could find out in such a short time. If you want to spy or be seen/heard, by all means go to a coffee shop. But if you want to discuss things privately, that’s the alternative we have.

5) This is a new thing, I need to educate people how it’s different.

People know what a coffee shop is. People don’t know what a coworking space is. Please know I am using the coffee shop as an example for comparison to show how the two are alike and different.

To be clear, not being mean to coffee shops. Giving mad props to fun/active environment and better coffee (and in some cases food) than I will ever make. But if you want/need something else, that’s what we’re for.