Community Memberships

There are plenty of people who love Anchorspace but don’t necessarily need a lot of workspace. This is where two new levels of membership come in!

Anchorspace Community Member

  • Free access to monthly happy hour, monthly professional development opportunity, and other events (See Programs and Events page for details)
  • Access to members only email list (for networking, favors, and general fun)
  • Marketing materials displayed at Anchorspace
  • Listing on the Anchorspace website

$19/month (autobilled monthly)

Anchorspace Super Community Member

  • Everything with the Community Membership (see above)
  • One workday a month OR one hour in the conference room/month (yes, it can be outside of normal Anchorspace open hours, we just need to know ahead of time!)

$39/month (autobilled monthly)

Have more questions? Contact us to set up a time to talk or a tour.

Or you can book your membership starting right now! 

    See full details on the Book Now page. We'll set this to open in a new window so you can come back to this form. 🙂
  • $0.00
    Your month starts the day you come in. Ex: You come in the April 5, your membership is April 5-May 5.
  • For example maybe you're paying now but want to come in August 12-20. Or you are deathly allergic to the smell of coffee or need to make sure we have a three hole punch. That sort of thing.
  • American Express
    When I first come in, I'll also sign the User Agreement, which basically says I won't be a jerkface. If I have to cancel, I'll do it at least one week ahead of when I was planning to come in so Anchorspace can make my membership available to someone else. Thanks for existing, Anchorspace but I know you have to cover your butt a bit and I totally get it.