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Whether you are a remote worker needing space near one of our locations or a business wanting to increase your footprint in a community Anchorspace is in, we may have a corporate solution for you.

Regardless of your company’s location, we all know that retaining quality employees is one of the most critical steps a business can take. Let’s say you have staff that lives near an Anchorspace coworking space. You might not have thought of getting them a coworking space membership or signing up for your business to use Anchorspace as your headquarters. This page is here to help get you the information you need to decide if an Anchorspace corporate membership suits you and your employees.

Is your company’s location somewhere else? You can still work with us.

Benefits For Anchorspace Use By Your Staff

Check out some benefits for YOU that providing a coworking space membership to your employee(s) can offer. 

High Speed Internet

Many rural areas (and cities) have low connectivity or poor cell phone reception. Our Anchorspace locations have both corded and wifi connections available. We know having excellent wifi is imperative these days.

Flexible And Helpful

An Anchorspace membership can get you a business address, a place for your remote employees to work, fully stocked with office supplies, ergonomic workstations, and 24-hour access to suit all needs.

Productive Environment

Between multiple household members working from home, children, and other household distractions, Anchorspace provides a professional and productive environment. Plus, it’s a great way to network!

Connect To The Community

One of the hardest things for remote workers is a lack of community. We’ll ensure your employee is connected in any way we can, from introducing them to a local book group to telling them about the best hiking spots.

“Between building our home, managing our work travel schedules, and being able to be in town near our kids’ school during the workday, I am grateful my company pays for my Anchorspace membership. It makes it so much easier to get my work done!”

– SD

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So you’re ready to work with Anchorspace?

Option 1: Get a coworking membership for the company.

You can purchase the Anchorspace membership for one employee or for your company’s use. The pros of this are the tax write-off, the ability to list the location you choose for customers, and marketing possibilities online and off.

Option 2: Give a remote work stipend to your employees.

Offer a remote work stipend if you’d like to give employees flexibility or potentially cover costs like potential technology purchases. What we’ve seen varies ($60-$200/month), but it is likely a perk your staff will appreciate!