Is working from home not really working?

Anchorspace Family Memberships let you share the cost and sanity of a coworking space with the adults in your house.

Working, schooling, and living at home is a lot.

Parents are being asked more than ever before with the new demands placed on them. 

And we get that everyone’s budgets feel a bit tighter in a pandemic.

So we’re offering family memberships for both monthly levels (floating and full) from now on. 

Note: we understand a family isn’t just a two parent household. Maybe you have four college roommates. Maybe your in-laws live with you.  Maybe you’re the Golden Girls. A family membership is open to adults in the same household, period.



Fast internet and more

Productive perks like internet and working equipment (printer, microphone, webcam, etc.) mean you get in and get out as you get more done, faster.


Sane adult time

Your cohabitants are great but so is having a socially distanced conversation with another adult human from time to time, without shopping gridlock. 


Safe (maybe free) space

Our cleaning protocols and air filters keep you safe… and we’ll help you ask your company to subsidize your membership (we’re happy to help… even before you join.)

Ready to give it a shot?

There are a couple membership options your family can try.


Floating Membership

Want to breeze in and out with your laptop 24/7 like the boss you are? Yes you can even use the conference room as part of this.


Full Monthly Membership

Want to claim a desk that’s yours and maybe have us check your mail? Our full monthly membership is for you.


Virtual Membership

Live far from us or content to work from home? This includes a Slack channel, accountability calls, and workshop access.

Anchorspace is where my team and I go to get things done when we’re on Mount Desert Island and away from our Ellsworth central office.

Dave, Compusult Inc.

Anchorspace Member