Mount Desert Island Shopping Network

You know how you like to watch those online shopping channels? How would it be if you actually knew the people? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could watch a stream of local business owners come on TV and show their products?

For one day only, it’ll be happening across Anchorspace’s Youtube and Facebook channels, as well as the Bar Harbor Merchants Association social media channels.

Sign up for our email list and we’ll make sure you get the links to stream and other details as we have them.

And if you’re a business wanting in on this fabulous opportunity (when we do live videos on our regular channels they usually get around 1000 views so we expect this, streaming more places, to get much more than that), please fill out the form below.

Proceeds will be split between us and the other sponsoring organization Bar Harbor Merchants Association.

MDI/Bar Harbor Shopping Network - Pop Up Event

  • We might have to move you a bit before or after but we are aiming to please.
  • We suggest $10 but whatever you can do.
  • Info For Video

    We'll send you some prep materials when we confirm your time so you'll look like an awesome video star (so email incoming!) but these questions will allow us to prepare for broadcast so thanks for answering them now!
  • Product must be online. If you don't have a product, we are happy to add your gift certificate to the Gift MDI website.
  • There doesn't need to be but getting people to act on it in the moment might not be a terrible idea.