Cognitive Behavioral Techniques For Workplace Success Workshop

Friday June 7, 2019
3 – 5 PM
Anchorspace Potsdam and Online

Is habitual negative thinking holding you back? Do you get triggered at work and feel like it might be blocking your path to success?

Cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT) are methods–backed by extensive research–that can help you personally or professionally. CBT involves identifying automatic negative thoughts and replacing them with more realistic thoughts AND effective behaviors.

This introductory class will introduce participants to methods for challenging the negative thoughts that they may not even be aware that they are having. The workshop will include a description of common “cognitive distortions,” writing exercises, case studies, discussion, and examples of techniques that participants can take home and use right away. There will be a brief discussion of why our brain works in this way.

The instructor, Alisa G. Woods, PhD, LMHC, is a licensed mental health counselor and behavioral neurobiologist, with training in CBT and mindfulness.

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