Professional Development Workshop for April 2019: Google Analytics

Friday April 19
3 PM
at Anchorspace Bar Harbor and online

Excited about all the information your website is collecting from visitors, but have NO IDEA what to do with it?

Wondering if all that work you are doing on Instagram is translating into product sales?

Wishing you knew if there was some giant problem on your website making customers click away?

Google Analytics is a free tool that tracks website data. You can use it on your website to save you time and money, increase sales, find (and fix) problems, and make business decisions.

This workshop will talk about Google Analytics (and some alternatives that may have come with your web hosting like AW Stats), its strengths and limits, how to read data of your reports, how to create customized ‘dashboards’ and ‘goals’ to track and display the information you care the most about.

Bring your computer (and Google Analytics login) because this will be a hands-on workshop!

Bio: Nicole Ouellette has owned Breaking Even since January 2008. She has lots of experience helping small businesses and non-profits create, manage, and promote their websites and is the proud founder (and a proud member) of Anchorspace.

Originally held: Friday, February 15th 2019
Presented by: Nicole Ouellette, Breaking Even Communications

On-line Course Available Soon