Professional Development Workshop for May: Cultivating a Growth Mindset & a Culture of Feedback

How can we work better together?

Research shows that teams with a growth mindset and culture of feedback have better morale and higher success rates. Individuals are more likely to speak up, take on leadership roles, and make the improvements needed to ensure the highest quality teamwork possible.

This workshop focuses on how to shift your team’s culture to improve workflow, increase productivity, and reduce turnover.

We will discuss effective implementation of tools for feedback and how to move towards a culture of transparent, compassionate communication. Open avenues for deeper dialogue and transform your team’s success and satisfaction today.

Hosted by: Katherine Stitham

Kate is a training and development specialist that integrates multiple approaches and techniques in her work. Her specialty is creating systems and curricula that help build stronger more effective teams and organizations, rooted in collaboration, innovation, and equity.  

Throughout the past decade, Kate has worked with organizations across the country and abroad to develop integrative programming with cutting-edge educational design theory.  

She conducts retreats and workshops in the U.S. and abroad, and consults with a variety of organizations on strategic planning, leadership development, and culture change.   

Kate received a masters degree in Educational Development from Columbia University Teachers College, where she focused on leadership development in multicultural contexts.