Leadership Through Active Constructive Responses

Presented by Abrahm DiMarco, DiMarco Consulting Group

What does it mean to be a Leader?
Leadership is more than telling people what to do.
Leadership is getting things done through influence.
Learn what it means to be a Leader and how to use Active Constructive Responses to earn opportunities to influence people.


Small business owners and managers in today’s economies are placed in de facto leadership roles; often supervising a constantly evolving seasonal workforce, learning their skills on the fly.

Our August Professional Development Workshop: Leadership Through Active Constructive Responses will give you the tools to keep open communications with your team by responding so that they are willing to come back and talk to you in the future.

The workshop will be presented by Abrahm DiMarco of DiMarco Consulting Group. This will be our first workshop with a remote presenter. The presentation will be conducted by Abrahm from Peyton Hall, Clarkson University, Potsdam NY, with Anchorspace attendees being satellite participants with a co-facilitator on site.
As usual the workshop will be filmed for later viewing by all participants

DiMarco has honed his leadership skills and has helped others grow as leaders for over 25 years. As the owner of DiMarco Consulting Group, Abrahm works with Businesses, athletics teams, schools, colleges, student groups, fire departments, governmental agencies, and other groups or individuals that want to improve their leadership capacity. Some of the topics he has discussed are Leadership Development, Leader Assessment, Resiliency, Goal Setting, Communication, Values and Followership. He combines small group discussions, videos and hands-on exercises into a dynamic, interactive learning environment that brings the challenges of leadership to life. Clients routinely comment on the applicability of his lessons to their personal and professional lives, helping them and their teams to excel.

Originally held: August 2018
Presented by: Abrahm DiMarco
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