Numerology Wednesdays With Sue Coffin (Healing Numbers)

One thing we all know is it makes sense to work smarter and not harder. Numerology can help you understand the energy of a particular day, month, and year… as well as things you might not know, like your name or address of your business.

Sue is going to be at Anchorspace in Bar Harbor starting in June 2019 available for 30 minute and 60 minute appointments (in person or by phone/video call). She’s the kind of person who will happily record your session so you can review it later.

If you feel like your self knowledge is great but have a personal relationship you want to improve, numerology can help there. By knowing the birthdays of the two people involved, you can understand the strengths and challenges of the relationship, and come up with solutions to address them. Relationships can be romantic, parent-child, best friends, etc… and the best part is the other person doesn’t even have to be present for you to learn about it.

Nicole Ouellette, owner of Anchorspace, sat down with Sue to talk about how numerology works.

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