Making the Most of Your Press Release

Every Business wants publicity.

Our workshop will take a look at how to do so generally and then….

It’s all about press releases!
These are something that we use all the time here, but aren’t really that confident about how to do it, so…..

Hey Presto! Lets get Melinda Rice Schoon to teach us!

Melinda will cover contents, customization for different media outlets, who/when to send it to and the relationship between the press release and today’s social media world.

Currently the Program Director at Jesup Memorial Library, she joined the Jesup after a long career in journalism that included work as a newspaper reporter and editor, freelance writer and editor, and freelance marketing and media consultant, giving her experience in both writing and using press releases. She is the author of a travel book and four novels for middle-graders, and has won awards for reporting, writing, editing and photography.

Do you have specific questions concerning Press Releases that you’d like answered? Let us know and we’ll try to include answers at the workshop

Originally held: Friday, December 21st 2018
Presented by: Melinda Rice-Schoon

Online Course Available Soon