Neurodiversity in the Workplace

NeuroDiversity in the Workplace

What is ADHD, ADD, autism, Asperger’s…? 
How do I get my neurodivergent employee to do x, y, and z? 
How do I talk to my neurodivergent boss? 
I’m self-employed! What can I do about my own neurotype?
Come find answers to these and more questions about neurodiversity at Neurodiversity in the Workplace: a Conversation with Kelley Sanborn. 
Kelley Rush Sanborn is a special education teacher at Mount Desert Island Regional High School and former special services director for MDI schools. She also teaches the course Supporting Students with Disabilities in the Regular Classroom, a mandatory course for students who are pursuing public teaching certification at the College of the Atlantic. 
While working with students with disabilities and varying needs, Kelley’s focus is to grow the student’s capacity for independence and collaboration in the classroom and the outside world. At the same time, she is passionate about encouraging our community’s awareness and understanding of diversity. 
At this Anchorspace professional development workshop, Kelley will bring her knowledge built from years in special education to talk with adults who have questions about the neurodiversity in their workplaces or their own particular neurotypes. In the process, participants will gain an understanding that good business management and “accommodation” for differences are often one and the same.
Originally held: April 2018
Presented by: Kelley Rush Sanborn & Jill Lee
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