“Yes and…..” Improv in Business

“Bite off more than you can chew and then chew it” 

Sound like your work, sometimes?
In order to be successful we need to be able to respond to the daily interactions. We are continually communicating with new people and managing unexpected details.
Improv is in our day to day life.
In this workshop we will enhance our communication skills while letting go of overthinking and practicing listening and responding.
Improvisational theater is focused on Listening, Eye Contact, Respect, and making the other person look Awesome. These tools enhance your business customer relationship and manager employee relationships.
Through some playful forms of communication we will sharpen the tools in our belt to live more in the moment with work.

This totally fun workshop is led by Nicole Cardarno, Theater and Improv Teaching Artist. Nicole Cardano grew up performing and singing at Pemetic Elementary School and MDIHS.  She majored in theater from St. Michael’s College in VT and went onto study long form improvisational theater in Chicago, IL.  Chicago was her performance home for ten years.  Today Cardano teaches drama, show choir and improv at the local schools, Summer Festival of the Arts and community programs.

Originally held: Friday February 16th, 2018
Presented by: Nicole Cardano
Online Course Available