Tech Tapas

Dave Charron of Compusult, Inc will present our May Professional Development Workshop – Tech Tapas

He’ll be serving up 50+ small savory bytes of tech tips to help you Work Smarter. Learn a little bit about a whole lot. See what’s out there…

• what the hell is The Cloud and how do I use it
• how to process credit cards when the power goes out
• 3 quick tips to clean your PC or Mac – no more slooooowww
• expand your Gmail functionality
• password management
• backup your data
• backup pics from your phone and see all of them anywhere – organize them too
• tips for offering public Wi-Fi
• what are the different parts of my network
• how can I use e-signatures
• Google Docs & Drive – beginner, intermediate & advanced in 10 minutes!
• collaboration tools
• what is 2 step authentication and why should I absolutely be using this simple powerful security
• specs to buy a computer
• how to share your screen if you have a presentation to do remotely
• no internet – what do I do?
• maintenance of your Google Business page – you have one, right???
• much more…

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Dave has 18 years experience helping small businesses use technology to Work Smarter 

Originally held: Friday, May 18th 2018
Presented by: Dave Charron – Compusult Inc.
Online Course Available: