Remote Work Support Discussion

There are lots of great articles and lists out there (check out this one by local remote worker Jill Schoff) but I know from my work with clients that many people have questions and ideas about remote work.

Wednesday March 18 at 12 PM EST


(It’s free to join and you can watch on your phone or computer- Zoom is a really small file download. You don’t have to make an account, you’ll just sign in with your name and watch)

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Questions/Discussion To Start
1) How does your team balance keeping in touch with getting work done?
2) Why did you choose WebEx over other platforms (ex. Zoom)?
3) What is a situation you are worried about dealing with remotely during this time? (Ex: you have to teach a class of 100 people, you need to decide if you are cancelling or rescheduling an event, etc.)
4) How do you troubleshoot the tech of doing a remote meeting or training?
5) Anything you want to know! There are no silly questions or ideas/experiences we can’t learn from.