Using Slack To Manage A Remote Team Panel Workshop

Working remotely has its challenges. The good news is lots of tools make it easier, one of them being Slack.

But you may be wondering: how should my business use this tool? How do other people use it? Can I do my Monday morning checkin meetings this way? Is it hard to learn? Can my customers use it with my team?

This workshop will include a brief demo of Slack but the meat of the workshop will be how three seasoned professionals use it in their businesses and non-profits. So bring your questions, and they’ll bring their expertise and you can decide once and for all if Slack could help you run your business or non-profit more effectively (and if not, what you’d look for in a remote team management tool).

Alex Newell Taylor, Executive Director, Summer Festival of the Arts
Robbie Adair, CEO of Media A-Team and OSTraining
Hope Rowan, GIS Specialist at Center for Community GIS

Nicole Ouellette of Anchorspace will moderate the discussion.

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