Streaming Live: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

12pm Eastern, 11am Central

As women business owners, we want to share our work confidently … but we worry about feeling braggy. We don’t want to overclaim, so we end up underselling ourselves. Often we don’t even realize we’re doing it! In this 30-minute conversation, we’ll look at quick changes to your wording so you can:

  • elevate your authority on your website
  • share your wins on social media
  • and let your awesomeness shine in a way that feels genuine!

Katie Rice-Guter is a writer and editor dedicated to supporting ambitious, women-led projects. Over the past ten years she has rewritten dozens of web pages, published feature stories for organizations large and small, and earned an MFA in writing. She brings her heart and her editing prowess to every project she works on.

Nicole Ouellette is a seasoned web development and marketing professional of 12 years whose company specializes in social media and content marketing for small businesses. She brings a technical eye and revenue focus to her projects.

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