Woo Woo Day

Book a 30 minute appointment and try out one (or more) healing arts! Consider this your fun, easy way to get a little woo-woo in your life. 

The Practitioners:

Antoinette Caruso, Energy Reading
Working as a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Energy healer, and Educator for twenty two years, Antoinette’s practice includes energy reading. If you have felt stressed, depressed, or anxious, an energy reading can uncover emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that are creating obstacles in your life journey. In this half hour consult, your energy field, which is in contact with the universal realm, will be accessed with highest intent, to begin healing and allowing you to live a more happy and balanced life.
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Jennifer May, Herbalist 
Having studied and working in an array of the holistic healing arts for over 20 years, Jennifer brings together herbal medicine, homeopathy, intuitive energetic bodywork, and flower/gemstone essences to help to support the full spectrum of who you are and to support you in moving towards greater health and well being. In this half hour consult, Jennifer will work with you on both verbal and intuitive levels to offer recommendations tailored to your specific needs towards creating a vibrant life.
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Sue Coffin, Numerologist
Sue’s work in numerology has spanned over a decade. She works with individuals as well as people in relationships (partners, parents/children, friends, etc.) to use numerology information to make better decisions, improve communication, and other goals. In this half hour consult, Sue will use your birthday to find your personality traits and tendencies, as well as to forecast your 2019 year, helping you make decisions with your life energy for more happiness and productivity.
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Note: if you want to purchase this as a gift for someone, please contact us so we can issue you a coupon code you can present to the recipient. If appointments fill before your recipient can book, they will get first dibs next Woo-Woo Day or you’ll get a refund.

Note: Because of the one day only nature and limited availability of the practitioners, you may cancel 72 hours in advance or more for a full refund. No refunds will be granted after this period.

Originally Held: Friday, January 17th 2019
Presented by: N/A

If this is something you’d  be interested in us reviving let us know (no guarantees)