Programs And Events

Anchorspace’s mission is to provide affordable, monthly professional development workshops, live and streaming at both our locations. This means members get FREE access to two amazing workshops a month. Here is what we have coming up! (Click each event to learn more or sign up.)

Hosting Your Event In Second Life Workshop

Second Life is the largest virtual community online… and you can use it to host real events! Check out our June workshop about it!

Here are some other programs we have at Anchorspace:


If you are a mentor or need a mentor, we have space for you. Anchorspace not only has more formal meeting space but also informal spaces to connect. Click here to learn more.

Insert Your Idea Here

Our 1800 square foot location is well appointed, close to downtown, clean, and has the right balance of historic and modern touches. We’re also close to parking options.

What’s here?

  • A kitchen
  • 8 stand-sit desks/tables
  • 16 office chairs (additional folding chairs available)
  • 1 long table (we can get more if you need them)
  • White table cloths (tada! not an office anymore!)
  • Dishes, napkins, silverware
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Lots of wall space
  • Cowboy lighting kit
  • LCD projector and screen and other tech as needed

Want to host your own event in Bar Harbor or Potsdam? Contact us! We are an affordable option and will work with you to make your event as successful as we can.

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