We have three types of users.

Monthly Members ($399/month)

Great for:

  • Taking an extra long vacation (multiple weeks)
  • Having to have meetings/phone calls at weird times
  • Not having to move your stuff back and forth

Monthly users will have:

  • 24/7 access to the space
  • Ability to use conference room preferentially without paying the hourly charge
  • A set adjustable workstation (yes, you can bring in furniture, art and other stuff to make it your style)


Floating members ($199/month)

Great for:

  • Light travelers/laptop people
  • Those who enjoy being around other people (8-4 Monday through Friday is our relatively high use time)
  • A weekish long vacationer

FloatingĀ members will have:

  • 24/7 access to the space
  • A work station to use for the day (you have to take your stuff when you go)


Day users ($20/day or $50/week)

Great for:

  • Those who need a little hands on help (ex: help printing things off, etc.)
  • Long weekend vacationers

Day users will have:

  • Access to the space on the day(s) they book during regular hours
  • A place to work for the day (may or may not be an adjustable workstation- it will depend on members present but there will be a table and ergonomic chair for sure!)

**Please note there is a $10/hour after hours charge for days we aren’t open. For example, if you want the space on a Monday 12 PM to 6 PM, you’ll be charged the day rate plus $10/hour for 4-6 PM. This allows us to pay someone to open the space.**


Conference room rental ($30/hour Or $150/day)

  • Access to conference room for the times they book
  • Coffee service and technology setup (as needed)
  • Needed technology (45″ TV with laptop hookup, etc.)


All users will have:

  • Secure environment
  • A quiet environment (the busiest day we’ve had so far had 8 people… spread out over 1800 square feet)
  • Kitchen/break room area (fridge, toaster oven, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, basic cookware)
  • Bathroom
  • Phone areas for taking calls
  • High speed internet (300/20 in Bar Harbor and 1 G in Potsdam)
  • All included: cleaning, trash removal, WiFi, heat, electricity
  • Parking lot
  • Laser printer for small jobs
  • Free coffee/tea