Register For Working Groups

  • In case we need to call you, we won't give it to anyone.
  • If applicable, so we can figure out how to connect what we build in this workshop to it.
  • If you don't have a counselor, please book an appointment with one online here (it's free)! Clicking that link will open a new window so you can save your progress on this form.
    This will help make decisions. That said, because the other participants in the group will be learning from you too, it is important you be at most of the live sessions.
    When possible, free and low cost software options will be presented. That said, software has its own costs, from transaction fees to take credit cards to monthly fees for using different levels of service. I understand in signing up for this, I get free counseling from the SBDC and access to this free working group but I will be in charge of my own setup and ongoing costs in using this software going forward based on my business decisions during my participation in the workgroups.