I am writing to request adding the use of a coworking space to my (choose remote work stipend OR reimbursable expenses). Below are some of the reasons I am making the request, which will be beneficial to me as well as the company.

Here are some of the reasons having a coworking space membership would help:

1. Using a local coworking space saves time driving. Less drive time means more time personal time, a seamless transition into my workday, and flexibility to work in other places when my family is traveling. (INSERT A SPECIFIC WAY THIS BENEFIT THE EMPLOYER Ex: Working from my local coworking space would allow me to continue coaching my son’s baseball team while also being able to participate in the West Coast team’s Friday update, which coincides with my kids’ bedtime routine and would be easier to do at a closeby office.)

2. Having a coworking space delineates work and home. Working and living in my house can be difficult. Studies have shown people who use coworking spaces are more productive, more creative, and happier. (INSERT HOW YOU’VE CONFIRMED THIS IS TRUE FOR YOU Ex: One day a week, I’ve been going into a local coffee shop to work which I noticed has increased my productivity but makes it difficult to take Zoom meetings due to the background noise.)

3. There is a sense of community in a coworking space. Representing our company in a business space would be a great way to meet new vendors/clients/customers and network within my local community. Also, a majority of coworking space members learn new skills in workspace-sponsored workshops and fellow coworkers so there may be professional development opportunities I am not even anticipating. My friend Nicole has gotten three new clients for her marketing company just in the last year from people she works near at her coworking space. (INSERT HOW THIS WOULD HELP A BUSINESS OBJECTIVE Ex: I know we’ve been trying to work with more service-based businesses and conversations I could have with members could not only give us great insights on how to reach them but might turn onto paying clients for us.)

4. There is privacy when I need it. If I need to take calls or meet with clients, I can do that in the smaller rooms that are available to me in a quiet, professional environment. (Check out the amenities of URL OF COWORKING SPACE WEBSITE.)

5. There is optimal internet privacy, security, and speed. There is both high-speed corded internet and WiFi internet which will offer minimal connection issues. (INSERT COST OF GETTING THIS AT HOME IF IT IS HIGHER THAN THE MEMBERSHIP Ex: We looked into having high-speed internet brought to our home but the company estimated it would cost $10K to run the lines and $250/month after that, which is more than the cost of the coworking space membership.)

6. This would be a tax write-off for the company. There seem to be some corporation-specific financial benefits to using a coworking space, which I won’t pretend to understand but this article explains well:

Innovative companies like ours are offering coworking space options to staff. And with coworking spaces becoming increasingly affordable and with one space being X miles/kilometers from my home, it’s a benefit that I would both use and be beneficial to our company.

Your consideration of my request is greatly appreciated, please let me know if you have any questions or would like to schedule a time we can discuss.


Below are some resources in case they’re helpful to reference: