SBDC Canton Working Groups

Part accountability group, part workshop, part ‘study’ group, these small but for a limited time working groups help participants accomplish a goal with other North Country businesses and non-profits.

Open to those being counseled by the SBDC, these working groups are people willing to try to reach the goals set out in the limited time alloted. Facilitated by a technology integrator, there will be a bit of ‘homework’ outside these sessions but mostly work will be done during these set times.

If you like the new knowledge of a class, the specificity of a business goal, and the inspiration of other people working out the same problem, you’ll love our working groups, which are free and open to St. Lawrence County businesses affected by COVID and working with the SBDC.

SBDC 2021 Working Groups

Thinking ahead? Here’s what working groups will be starting in the new year!

Sending An Email Newsletter Working Group

Objective: Setting up an email newsletter with your business, including importing existing contacts, creating an email template, and doing your first email send. If time allows, we’ll also talk about how to send drip/recurring emails and other more advanced topics.
Limited to 15 participants for maximum participation.

Mondays and Thursdays from 12-1 pm
Over Zoom February 15th – March 11, 2021

Requirements: Existing email contacts in some electronic form (ex: spreadsheet), access to business website if wanting to add form to the website (highly recommended)

Creating A Recurring Revenue Product Working Group

Objective: Create a product for your business that customers will pay for on an ongoing basis (ex: subscription box, membership, etc.). In this workgroup, develop a product, set up a selling option, and run an initial marketing campaign to get your first 10 customers paying you on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Limited to 15 participants for maximum participation.

Wednesdays And Fridays from 12-1 pm
Over Zoom February 17th – March 12, 2021

Requirements: None


About Your Facilitator

Nicole Ouellette is a seasoned web development and marketing professional of 12 years whose company specializes in social media and content marketing for small businesses. She brings a technical eye and revenue focus to her projects. She also owns Anchorspace Potsdam, a coworking space in downtown Potsdam.