The SLC Shopping Network is streaming online Sunday starting at 10 am EST! Here is the schedule so far*

10: 15- Brewer Bookstore
10:30- Junkchique
10:45- Dimarco Consulting Group
11:00 – Lionheart Graphics
11:15 – Phoenix Rising Art
11:30 – Grasse River Hemp 
11:45- Luna
12:00- Grasse River Outfitters
12:15 – Artworks Creperie
12:30 – Maple Rock B and B
12:45- Paula Youmell
1:00- Flying Lotus
1:15 – Finen Maple
1:30- SLC Arts Council
1:45 – North Country Children’s Museum
2:00- Foster The Plant
2:15- Phoenix Moon RIsing
2:30- Adirondack Fragrance and Flavor Farm
2:45 TAUNY

*subject to change as I’m still getting calls, emails, texts, and all forms of messages. 
How To Stream
Here’s a video of how to stream if you are more of a visual person (2 minute video):

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Thanks for watching and share this with anyone you think might be interested in shopping local, online!