Start Your Online Store Bootcamp: What To Do Ahead!

Useful Links:

Inventory Sample (Copy into a new Google Sheet or download to use with Microsoft Excel or other program):

Shipping slide deck from a SBDC presentation in Maine I attended:

After weighing and measuring a few products, use this to calculate sample costs sending it far away (ex: California, Alaska, and Hawaii):

Making a brand style tile (getting your look and feel figured out ahead of time): (Start at 3 minute mark)
An entirely optional step that if you do ahead of time might make your site look a little more profesh

Privacy policy generator (the one I used to use is no longer free so I haven’t tried this one):

Sample privacy policy:

Sample return/refund policy info:

A very short product photography workshop from Anchorspace:

Questions? Ask your SBDC counselor (Michelle or Jennifer) or contact us!