Virtual Membership

We know social distancing has been a slight bummer… and compounded with the fact your business may or may not be set up for remote working or online sales means it can feel especially hard to be sitting alone at your makeshift home office.

We’re trying to figure out how to best be there for people and, in light of what’s going on, we’re offering a virtual membership (AKA a community membership).

For $19/month get:

  • Access to our Slack community + internal listserv
  • Daily (well, weekday) 8 am ‘focus’ Zoom sessions (most people find starting the day from home tough but with a first-thing check in that is short and tells everyone on the call what you’ll accomplish, it might help getting started easier!)
  • Access to all our online courses on this website
  • A paid Zoom account you can use for your meetings
  • Marketing/revenue generating help (we have ideas, a website that takes payments, a 300ish person email list in both states, and more)

We might find other stuff we can help with and will do so as we are able. For now, join a community of people who want to get stuff done and want to help others do the same.

We might not get to help you IRL but here’s hoping to see you virtually as part of the Anchorspace community!